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About the Artist

Thel Arthur

Introducing our artist from Southern California Mr. Thel Arthur.  Thel has been a studio art director and business owner since 1964.  His art has been bought and commercialized by numerous movie, TV studios and fortune 500 companies around the Charlie Chaplainglobe.  Thel, a country farm boy, son of an immigrant & began painting at age 13 attended Kansas City Art Institute and has 13 brothers and sisters.

Letter From Thel


Thel Arthur and his niece Joanne

Thel Arthur and his niece Joanne

    “Milking cows, bucking bales of hay and alfalfa, and repairing barbwire fences provided me a unique and meaningful opportunity between farm chores to sketch a variety of animals such as chickens, cows, horses and pigs as well as all kinds of farming equipment.

To my complete and unexpected surprise, I was the recipient of nothing less than a miracle and received a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute.

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   The morning I left Trego County, Kansas for college my father, who immigrated to this Country and came from a difficult and challenging background, didn’t understand nor support my decision to pursue Art as a career. Even though he did not support my decision, he provided me two dollars to assist with expenses such as rent and food. Although two dollars was not a

lot of money even back then, it was still a financial sacrifice that my father was willing to make, which meant a lot and was greatly appreciated.

   My time in Kansas City and at the Kansas City Art Institute was an amazing opportunity and a period of great growth for me. I soon had a position with ABC-TV, Channel 9 and was eventually offered an Art Director position at a television station in Hollywood, California.

   As a small child living on a farm in western Kansas I could never have imagined that I would be in the position to receive such wonderful opportunities. However, due to many years of hard work and long hours, and the love and

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support of a number of very special people, I was fortunate to be the recipient of a wonderful and rewarding professional career.”

Best regards,Thel Arthur




Listed below are some of the clients and projects I had the good fortune of
working with during my professional career (not listed in any particular order):

Betty White, Vincent Price, Bobbie Gentry, Clayton Moore (portrayed the Lone Ranger), Wayne Newton, Universal Studio’s and Disney (worked on various movie and television titles such as “Jaws”, “Miami Vice”, The Hardy Boys”, “Paradise Alley”, “Oscar” and others), Steel Breeze (album cover and video for MTV), Wolfman Jack, Los Angeles Dodgers, McDonalds, Toyota, the Merv Griffin Show, Dino (album covers), Walter Hawkins, Phil and Brenda Nicholas, the Steve Allen Show, Isaac Hayes, and Ralph Carmichael (Lexicon/Light Music) to name a few.


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Click To See Gallery Item:  This outstanding beautiful three dimensional portrait was created using acrylic paint on high grade illustration board